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Your Soul is Calling. Are you Listening?

Hi there! I’m Allyne Henesey, founder of The Soulcology Center. I help individuals and teams create greater connection and expression through respectful dialogue, researched based psychology tools and wisdom teachings.

I’m a Soulcologist – an archaeologist of the soul and an adventurous seeker of truth. I think the most delicious living happens as soon as we activate and align with our divine blueprint. When we’re clear on our reason for being, we can say “yes!” to our greater purpose, find inner peace and reach our highest potential.

My mantra is: Love what you do. Love who you are. And live it up! A life-long learner, I’ve sat at the feet of well-regarded human potential pioneers, immersed myself in Jungian and New Thought philosophies, metaphysics, and wisdom teachings and attended interfaith seminary to better understand our relationship with the Universe and each other.

I have 30+ years of experience working with international Fortune 500 corporations, most recently as a Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager. I’m a business woman and spiritual counselor who helps people feel seen, acknowledged and honored.

And if you’re into credentials, here are a few:

  • Graduate studies in Clinical Psychology
  • Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Director
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology, CAPP
  • Creator of the Emerald Goddess Oracle Card Deck
  • ICF Certified Executive Coach
  • Gottman Leader 7PH and Clinical Level One Certification (from the renowned Gottman Institute)
  • Dream Interpreter and Archetypical Consultant
  • Reiki & Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Teacher
  • Award-winning Speaker
  • Member National Speakers’ Association
  • Chocolate and coffee connoisseur
  • Best Job Ever: mother of one awesome adult son named Brian.

With degrees and advanced learnings in clinical and positive psychology, coaching, spirituality, and mythology, I bring a comprehensive perspective to my courageous clientele.

Want to know me better?

As a young child, I felt called to the philosophy and spiritual studies. I’d sit up at night pondering the big questions: Who is God? Why do people call God a “he?” What’s my purpose for being here? What is the Soul?

I was never going to be satisfied merely accepting the “fact” of my existence; I wanted to understand the “why” of it as well.

To me, that “why” has always lived at the intersection of science and spirituality. So, I’ve spent years searching for answers by taking academic classes, seminars, and workshops while also going on shamanic journeys, donning yoga pants, studying metaphysics, and hiking in the woods where I feel most at home.

Now, I integrate research-based tools with a variety of wisdom traditions because I believe that both are key to creating a life with more freedom and fulfillment. Do I have all the answers? Of course not! But I’ve learned a heck of a lot about human nature and spirituality on my journey. The most important lesson?

Always trust the divine voice within. Second most important? Surround yourself with those who have successfully walked the path that you now wish to take.

YOU are an eternal being having a human experience here on earth. But our crazy-making world makes it so easy to forget this immutable truth. I know too many people who are afraid of change. They either stay in a place of discomfort (freeze mode), bounce around from one commitment to another (flight mode), or find themselves in constant conflict (fight mode).  And then BOOM! They get sick, their relationships fall apart, they end up with a legal issue, or they get downsized. That’s when they realize something’s gotta give.

It shouldn’t take a catastrophe to wake us up to our soul’s true nature and motivate real change.

And guess what? It doesn’t have to. There’s another way, and I’m ready to help you find it.

You bring the courage and curiosity. I’ll bring the tools and support necessary to help you harness your inner power and create a delicious, joy-filled life.

Whether you’re just discovering a mindful practice, or looking to refine the tools you’ve already developed, I offer services to help you gain true insight so you can design a path forward toward your best life.

One-on-One sessions combine positive psychology tools, coaching, and intuitive work to:
Address stressors, and fears that are holding you back
Create a path to real change
Deepen your spiritual practice

Relationship Counseling Sessions utilize proven techniques developed by the Gottman Institute to:
Build a strong “Relationship House”
Spot the signs of trouble early and address them before they become destructive
Learn how to engage in and resolve conflict in healthy constructive ways

Allyne’s specially designed group workshops and keynote talks include:
Eliminate Fear, Embrace the Sexy Successful You
Time to Thrive: Tools for Superstar Teams
From Drama to Dharma: Tools to Create High-Quality Connection

Intimate weekend retreats to help you…
Open your heart to sacred truth
Tap into the wisdom of the ancients
Learn scientific tools to increase positivity
Receive clear insight to nurture your soul
…with a special group of kindred spirits.

When you tap into your soul’s true essence and discover what gives your life meaning,  you become an unstoppable force.

Ready to forge a new path? Let’s go!

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