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Are you ready to create more happiness and achieve a higher level of satisfaction in your relationships and career?

Download A Free Audio File: Time to Thrive: a mindful meditation on creating more peace.

Download A Free Audio File: Time to Thrive: a mindful meditation on creating more peace.

Allyne offers a variety of services to get you on a path to real and lasting change.

Designed for individuals, we start with an intuitive reading, map your mindset and spend time discussing what you truly want. This process is highly unique in that I use intuition and psychology as a means to help you uncover your hidden gems. Then we’ll create an integration and support plan.

For couples, we’ll work directly with the Gottman’s “Principles of a Successful Marriage” and incorporate  mindfulness and other positive psychology tools to help you build a strong relationship house to help you weather the storms of life as well as savor the days of sunshine.   

Whether you’re a corporate leader looking to develop a superstar team or a small group interested in learning about the power of a positive mindset, my highly interactive workshops and keynotes provide the tools your team needs to be more energized, productive and fulfilled.

Looking to refresh your spirit and get inspired? My soul-enriching retreats are a perfect opportunity to leave the daily grind behind and enter a sacred space with a small group of like-minded individuals who want to relax in a fun learning environment with an eye to creating positive change into their lives.

Here’s a clip from Allyne’s Heart Wisdom talk

Soulcology Sessions

If you want to explore new possibilities within your personal relationships and career, improve communication and learn enlightening tools to center yourself and feel more at peace, Soulcology Sessions can help. Sessions combine positive psychology practices, coaching, intuitive work, mindfulness training and, for couples, research-based techniques developed by the Gottman Institute.

Individual Consulting Packages Include:

Six to twelve sessions with Allyne in person, via Zoom, or over the phone
Personalized assessments to identify your strengths and goals
Access to a variety of research-based assessments and exercises
Intuitive readings
Dream interpretation (for the active dreamers out there!)

Individual Consulting Packages Include:

Four or more sessions with Allyne in person, via Zoom, or over the phone, planned according to the individual couple’s specific scheduling needs and counseling objectives
A personalized Love Map to identify your conflict management styles and create a plan to address problems early before they escalate
Access to Gottman Training assessments and tools

Workshops and Speaking Events

Constant reorganizations, downsizing, and internal restructuring make it incredibly difficult for today’s corporate professionals to connect in meaningful ways. No connection, no trust. No trust, no teamwork. If you’re an executive leader looking to foster high-quality connections and create a superstar team of top-tier professionals who feel aligned with your company’s mission, my specially designed workshops, and speaking events can help.

Popular events include:

Soul Aligned business workshops: 1 to 6-hour interactive group sessions that provide your team members the opportunity to engage with one another in a respectful and creative environment.
From Drama to Dharma – Tools for High-Quality Connection
Time to Thrive – Tools to Support Superstar Teams

Looking for something a little different?
I will design a customized workshop or talk to meet your group’s specific needs. Let’s talk!

Testimonial from a Recent Workshop Participant:

What did you appreciate most about the workshop?

“I liked the ‘easy-to-grasp’ concepts and concrete examples that made the workshop simple and deep at the same time. The Choice Map is a great tool that I will easily keep in mind and refer to.” Maeva, NY

How would you explain the workshop experience for those thinking of working with me?

“Allyne is definitely an inspiring person who is willing to go the extra mile to spread her contagious positive energy. We have spent thousands of dollars in the past for team building activities that were not as valuable.  The workshop was real and anyone can relate and benefit from it. It was about one of our Principles “Today is about tomorrow” – or how to embrace the present to build a positive future.”  Irene, NY

What was your biggest ‘aha’ moment during the workshop?  How do you feel that you changed as a result?

“The visuals were great and I keep thinking about the choice map since the workshop. We referred to it later during our team meeting.”  Felicia, PA


While each retreat is a little bit different, they all incorporate research-based positive psychology tools along with techniques from a variety of wisdom-traditions to help you:

Quiet mental chatter
Recognize the power of your spirit
Become a master of your thoughts
Turn obstacles into opportunities
Make deeper emotional connections with the people in your life
Learn tools to manage your mindset
Release toxic thoughts that no longer support your goals
Map out a personal plan to make lasting change
Have tons of fun and enjoy yourself while learning

A great retreat leaves you feeling loved, seen, recognized and refreshed
ready to tackle whatever comes next with an inspirational plan to support your highest aspirations.

You’re in the right place. I’m Ready! Are you?

Download A Free Audio File: Time to Thrive

A mindful meditation on creating more peace.

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